Kate Voss has been a bubbling volcano her entire life. And she's about to blow you away. She received Special Mention at the Seattle-Kobe Jazz Vocal Queen contest in both 2014 and 2016. After being nominated 2 years in a row, in 2016 she received the esteemed NW Vocalist of the Year Award from Earshot Magazine. For the past 15 years, Seattle has been her home and she's been politely leaving her mark in artsy corners and creative hubs all over this city. In the early days, her art took form as an actress, director, playwright, songwriter and piano instructor. Seamlessly moving into the music scene with indie bands such as Argo and A Breakthrough in Field Studies to weirdo pop like Mannequin BBQ and The Stevedore to western swing with the Western Bluebirds and a complicated relationship with old/alt country, (Check out Collapsible Rodeo featuring sweet sister harmonies) Voss has done it all. And her favorite is a four letter word in this city: jazz. Kate puts the term (and genre) in perspective with such projects as Sundae + Mr. Goessl and Kate Voss & The Big Boss Band. (Sundae + Mr. Goessl being her vintage-inspired nationally touring duo with husband and guitarist Jason Goessl. )

Previously known for the Katie Voss Quartet, Voss has since changed her name, her image and her rotating cast of players. The Big Boss Band includes Seattle high rollers such as Jason Goessl (Prom Queen, Pornadoes), Birch Pereria (Theoretics, The Gin Joints), Adrian Van Batenburg (Ganges River Band, GEMS) and an occasional appearance by Tim Kennedy, Ryan Burns, Mark Taylor, Jay Thomas, Dave Bush, PK, and Daniel Rainard. 

Often blending genres together for a fresh take on standards, Kate Voss is a pure delight to witness on stage. Her uninhibited style encompasses creativity and showmanship in many forms from a cheesy joke to card tricks to curious instrumentation. Voss has been spotted playing piano, guitar, drums, bass, melodica, ukulele, tambourine, kazoo, accordion and is prone to whistle solos. A terribly beautiful gem in Seattle, Kate Voss has really got it all.